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Bitsgap’s Bots: What Are They & How Do They Work?

Since 2017, all-in-one trading aggregator Bitsgap has empowered over 600,000 users across 15 major exchanges, executing billions in volume and realizing over $400 million in profits.

Initially launched to connect traders with 24/7 market opportunities, Bitsgap expanded the platform’s capabilities to include default automated and fully customizable trading strategies. Now, Bitsgap’s infrastructure unlocks versatile bots for refined automation, including cutting-edge AI assistance.

In this article, we’ll unpack Bitsgap’s fullstack capabilities, exploring how smart bots both enhance and ease manual trading. By highlighting the platform’s robust feature set, we hope to inform traders seeking to step up their game through strategic automation.

Bitsgap’s GRID Bot: Automating the Popular Grid Trading Strategy

Grid trading strategies rank among crypto’s most used strategies for their systematic ability to materialize gains from volatility. The approach entails placing coordinated buy and sell orders at fixed intervals, forming a price grid. As asset prices fluctuate up and down the bands, positions automatically open and close to capture income generated by the oscillations.

Relieving traders from emotional decisions or manual oversight, Bitsgap’s GRID bot fully automates this profitable strategy for hands-off income. 

Here’s how it works: You give the bot a few key details, like how much you’re willing to invest and what price range you’re comfortable with. Then, you sit back and let the bot do the work—when prices start moving up and down the bands you’ve selected, the bot opens and closes trades to extract income from those back and forth movements. No more wasting hours watching charts or stressing positions. Just passive profits from volatility.

Bitsgap BTD Bot: Automating the Buy-The-Dip Strategy

Navigating downtrends poses challenges, yet offers ripe ‘buy-the-dip’ opportunities. Bitsgap’s BTD bot capitalizes on such conditions by automatically structuring buys to lower your cost basis as prices descend.

The concept involves scaling into positions during significant pullbacks. With assets stretched to the downside, oversold bounces become likely. By handling execution autonomously during these dips, the bot smooths your entry without requiring manual oversight of the charts or precise timing. Simply define your pair, exchange, and investment amount, and the algorithm will spring into action, structuring buys and targeting each favorable drop.

Bitsgap’s DCA Bot: Automating Your Dollar-Cost Averaging Way to Profits

Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) smooths entries and mitigates volatility by structuring buys in fixed intervals. However, basic DCA lacks adaptive indicators or risk management.

This is where Bitsgap elevates the approach through automated refinement. Bitsgap’s DCA bot not only repeatedly buys or sells cryptocurrency in small quantities at evenly distributed price levels, but it can also follow technical indicators and dynamically adjust trade sizes. Furthermore, integrated take-profits/stop-losses provide upside/downside protection should prices rise/deteriorate mid-plan.

In summary, set-and-forget automation unlocks an advanced DCA process using indicators, dynamic size adjustment and risk controls to optimize execution.

Bitsgap DCA Futures Bot: Customized Averaging Automation for Futures

Bitsgap also offers an adaptive futures-centric bot specializing in dollar-cost averaging—the DCA Futures. This tool rebalances entry prices through automated scaling in and out of positions, smoothing market impact amid volatility.

However, unlike the spot DCA bot, the futures variant accounts for margin mechanics and leverage when placing trades. This allows properly sized positions in proportion to allocated collateral across either direction.

Even in unfavorable conditions, the averaging effect aims to temper losses by improving the aggregate entry price. As the market eventually corrects, the reduced average cost compounds gains.

The bot repeats cycles of entries, averaging, and exits at profit targets or stop losses— continuously looping this process for dynamic strategy deployment. Available leverage further amplifies position sizes and profit potential above the capital at risk.

Bitsgap COMBO Bot: Integrating Leading Strategies for Superior Futures Trading

The COMBO bot amalgamates complementary crypto trading strategies into a unified futures algorithm. Merging grid and dollar-cost averaging (DCA), it seeks to capitalize on respective strengths symbiotically.

On one front, an adaptive grid reactively places grid orders to extract profits from volatility oscillations. On the other, scheduled DCA entries systematically smooth acquisition costs. Enhanced with trailing stop-losses, the bot evolves entries and exits based on shifting conditions.

This adaptive nature helps track trends in either direction as the grid levels and DCA zones update to follow the real-time flows. If a reversal manifests, the system can flip positioning nimbly while securing gains made.

By fusing complementary methodologies, the COMBO bot unlocks an advanced form of hands-off automation for margin traders. The technology handles continuous calibration of signals and risk parameters so you can delegate execution confidently amid all markets.

AI Assistant: Suggesting Best Strategies for Optimized Crypto Investments

Recently, Bitsgap has welcome a new addition and now—equips users with an AI Assistant to guide crypto allocations for maximized returns. By assessing your investment capital and current market opportunities, the algorithm provides customized bot recommendations based on the principle of portfolio investment. 

This advanced tool especially benefits newcomers unsure of how to profit from cryptocurrency. Even experienced traders may overlook rewarding pairings or strategies feasible with their balances.

Rather than generic suggestions, the AI Assistant generates profile-specific guidance tied to your resources and risk tolerance. It evaluates all dimensions of your position including assets held, ideal entries, profit targets, and loss protection.

By mirroring an adept analyst, the algorithm coaches you towards optimized bot selection and configuration for your unique profile.

Start in Minutes

Deploying automated crypto strategies need not prove intimidating with Bitsgap’s simplified bot configuration. Intuitive menus and guided workflows empower all skill levels to harness advanced algorithms with ease.

The launch process takes just minutes via Bitsgap’s step-by-step guidance. Navigate to “Start New Bot” and select your preferred automation like GRID or DCA. Next, define key criteria—exchange target, trading pair, and investment amount.

For tailored optimization, click “Manual Adjustment” giving granular control over ranges, percentage targets and custom variables. Unsure of ideal parameters? Backtesting simulates historical performance to inform strategy calibration. Alternatively, employ AI Assiatnt for more specific guidance. 

Once satisfied with bot settings and backtest results, officially launching the automation requires just one-click. Bitsgap handles all technical lifting so traders can rapidly unlock sophisticated automation aligned to their risk preferences.

Frictionless onboarding removes traditional barriers to adoption. Now anyone can implement advanced trading algorithms through an intuitive, educational workflow from start to finish.


As you can see, Bitsgap unlocks an expansive toolkit of specialized tools to elevate crypto strategies. Simplified automation furnishes enhanced visibility and precision. Relief from manual efforts allows concentrating intellect on higher-level decision making. As adoption continues, it’s vital that platforms not only attract new traders, but equip them with the technologies to cultivate mastery. By combining accessibility and depth, Bitsgap hits this overlap—inviting growth while ensuring progress.