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Bitcoin Accumulations Hit $840M Amid BTC Price Slip, Rally Ahead?


  • Crypto analyst Ali Martinez spotlights 12.7K BTC accumulated amid recent waning price action.
  • A significant spike in BTC accumulations over the past few days tipped the balance on the optimistic side for BTC.
  • Bitcoin traded at the $65K mark today, with significant liquidations ahead.

In a gripping turn of events, amid Bitcoin’s (BTC) recent tumbled price action, a whopping 12.7K BTC, worth $840 million, has been recorded to be shifted to accumulation addresses. Notably, a renowned crypto market analyst has recently taken to X, spotlighting the massive accumulations as BTC slipped to the $66K price level. This is likely due to a buy-the-dip sentiment prevailing in the industry, underscoring a strong sense of market confidence in the asset’s potential to pump ahead. Let’s delve deeper into BTC’s on-chain statistics.

12.7K BTC Moved To Accumulation Addresses

In a post shared by the analyst Ali Martinez, it was pointed out that the abovementioned amount was accumulated as the BTC price slipped to the $66K level yesterday, June 17. As mentioned above, this is likely due to a buy-the-dip sentiment, with traders entering the market at lower costs for higher gains.

Bitcoin Accumulations Hit $840M Amid BTC Price Slip, Rally Ahead?

However, BTC has further slipped below the $66K mark today, June 18, falling in line with $145.9 million outflows in the U.S. spot BTC ETFs. The Federal Reserve’s hawkish stance has seemingly triggered significant outflows, contributing to the price decline across the broader industry. Despite these factors, the substantial accumulations offer a glimmer of hope for the token’s future price movements.

Simultaneously, another renowned analyst, Crypto Rover, spotlighted the rapid decline in Bitcoin balance on exchanges as the price gradually rose above the $60K price level this year. Collectively, on-chain data shows burgeoning accumulations, painting a bullish portrait of BTC’s price action ahead.

Bitcoin Accumulations Hit $840M Amid BTC Price Slip, Rally Ahead?

Bitcoin Price Slips, What’s Next?

In the interim, the BTC price fell 0.59% while writing to trade at $65,637.75 today. The flagship crypto’s 24-hour lows and peaks are $64,597.25 and $67,252.08, respectively.

Coinglass data showed a 0.70% drop in BTC’s Futures OI to $34.31 billion, whereas the derivatives volume rocketed 168.26% to $79.92 billion. This aligns with Bitcoin’s turbulent price action, which has been witnessed recently, driven by reduced investor interest and market activity.

Besides, the RSI was evaluated to be around 42, underscoring the presence of slight downside pressure with broader neutrality. This paves the way for a potential market takeover by bulls or bears ahead.

Intriguingly, another post by Martinez dated June 17 shows that $19.50 million will be liquidated in Binance alone if the BTC price reaches 67,450, coming as a hurdle. Nonetheless, if the BTC price manages to tackle this and surge ahead, $10B worth of short liquidations loom near the $72K price level, posing an optimistic factor for future movements.

Bitcoin Accumulations Hit $840M Amid BTC Price Slip, Rally Ahead?

In addition, its worth noting that despite Bitcoin already nearing its ATH, Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy has announced plans to raise funds to further hoard the crypto, adding to optimism on future price movements.