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Bitcoin Exchange Inflow Jumps, BTC Price Drop to $63,000 Likely


  • Bitcoins from wallets in the 1M-3M, 3M-6M, and 6M-12M age bands are showing strong movement.
  • Crypto analysts like Michael van de Poppe anticipate BTC price drop to $63,000 to $64,500.
  • If the BTC price gives a move above $67,450, it can lead to strong liquidations.

Despite the strong whale activity in the market, the Bitcoin (BTC) price remains under constant selling pressure flirting around $66,000. The recent data from CryptoQuant shows that the Bitcoin exchange inflows have surged amid the surge in Bitcoin spending activity.

The Surge in Bitcoin Spending Can Impact the BTC Price

As per the data from CryptoQuant, wallets holding Bitcoins in the 1M-3M, 3M-6M, and 6M-12M age bands have witnessed a notable increase in Bitcoin spending. Over the weekend, nearly 40% of the Bitcoins sent to exchanges came from wallets holding the 3M-6M range, while 20% came from the 6M-12M range, and the remainder being mixed.

This movement of Bitcoins to exchanges will create further selling pressure. The analysis suggests that the selling activity could lead to a short-term increase in the BTC price, followed by a major downturn, potentially resulting in a market free fall.

Bitcoin Exchange Inflow Jumps, BTC Price Drop to $63,000 Likely

$63,000 Coming for Bitcoin?

Popular crypto analyst Michael van de Poppe stated the BTC price has been stuck for a long time between $57K and $73K and he expects it to decline further in the early part of this week. However, the analyst expects the BTC price to hold firmly in the range of $63K and $64.5K.

Bullish divergence has solidified, with the price attempting to maintain above $66,300. It’s crucial for bulls to step up now and reclaim this range. Bitcoin’s sideways price action has led to some impatience among investors. However, if the BTC price manages to give some surprises on the upside.

Crypto analyst Ali Martinez highlighted a significant potential liquidation event on Binance should Bitcoin’s price reach $67,450. Martinez projected that approximately $19.50 million worth of positions could be liquidated on the exchange under these conditions. This observation underscores the volatility and risk management challenges associated with trading cryptocurrencies at high price levels.