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Automated Trading’s Top Gun Talks Crypto Markets and Bots

As automated cryptocurrency trading gains steam among new and seasoned crypto traders alike, the bullish trend is driving demand for fast, convenient tools to enhance efficiency. Trading bots remain the top solution, but with so many options, how do traders choose the right platform?

CoinGradient editors sat down with Bitsgap CEO Max Kalmykov to lift the veil on his company’s sought-after automated trading tools. In an exclusive interview, Max shares insider perspective on Bitsgap’s offerings, the burgeoning potential of algorithmic trading, and his outlook on market shifts surrounding the upcoming halving.

Can you provide an overview of Bitsgap and what makes your services unique?

M.K.: Bitsgap is a leading crypto trading platform that unites over 15 major exchanges into one powerful interface. We’ve been partners with leading exchanges for years and passed all exchange API security audits. With that said, Bitsgap is more than just an aggregator — it also provides advanced tools like smart orders and customizable trading bots that work in any market condition, bull or bear. We also offer optimized, backtested trading strategies that any trader can discover, customize, and launch with ease. Our pre-built strategies provide valuable market insights, making trading crypto more accessible than ever. We have exceptional 24/7 customer support, an affiliate program to earn commissions, and an active community. In short, Bitsgap caters to traders of all levels, whether you want to build automated strategies from scratch or use proven ones created by experts.

– What trading bots does Bitsgap currently offer and which exchanges can users connect to the platform?

M.K.: We provide an array of automated crypto trading bots tailored to different market conditions and strategies. These include crowd favorites like GRID for swing trading, DCA for trend trading with volatility smoothing, BTD for capitalizing on downtrends, and COMBO + DCA Futures for futures trading. As I mentioned, we partner with over 15 major exchanges and counting, including industry heavyweights like Binance, Bybit, Coinbase, Kraken, KuCoin, OKX, and many more. Our trading algorithms are designed for maximum effectiveness, while connections to multiple exchanges ensure ample trading opportunities.

– What are the main advantages of using automated crypto trading bots instead of manual trading?

M.K.: That’s an exciting question I could discuss for hours, but to summarize — bots offer unmatched speed, emotionless execution, backtesting, and 24/7 efficiency. Automated systems can process data and execute trades far faster than any human. By following predefined strategies, bots remove emotional decision-making that often leads to detrimental choices. Traders can backtest bot strategies on historical data before risking capital. Bots also minimize manual trade execution errors and can scan markets for opportunities more efficiently than humans. Finally, algorithms trade around the clock, capturing volatile crypto moves 24/7. Automation enhances analytical power, maximizes uptime, and executes decisively based on logic — together providing major advantages over manual trading.

– Are your trading bots only designed for spot trading or can they be used in futures markets as well?

M.K.: Yes, we have two excellent futures trading bots — COMBO and DCA Futures. Both can generate returns far quicker thanks to leverage. COMBO combines grid and DCA strategies, executing trades on all market moves while optimizing entry prices. It follows trends in both directions, automatically placing grid and DCA levels using built-in trailing functions to secure profits. Our DCA Futures Bot applies dollar cost averaging extremely effectively in futures. It works in cycles – opening a position, averaging down against it if needed, closing at take profit or stop loss, then restarting. This cyclical approach provides great flexibility in strategy configuration. So in short, we absolutely provide robust futures trading automation alongside our spot market bots. Our futures bots use advanced algorithms optimized for leveraged trading.

– What would you say are some potential weaknesses or downsides of automated crypto trading?

M.K.: While bots have many advantages, traders should be aware of a few key limitations. Regular monitoring is still required to ensure smooth bot operation and address any glitches. Curve-fitting remains a risk — stellar historical backtesting doesn’t guarantee live trading success. Bots may also struggle to adapt to major unexpected volatility events or news, so some oversight is still required. Finally, removing emotion can be detrimental, as bots lack human judgment and sentiment analysis — though we are addressing this with an innovative AI feature in development, which traders are welcome to test before it goes fully live. Overall, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks in my view. But being aware of inherent limitations allows traders to plan accordingly and account for areas where human oversight remains beneficial. We aim to continuously improve Bitsgap to overcome bot downsides while leveraging their advantages.

– Many exchanges now offer their own built-in trading bots. Why should users choose Bitsgap’s bots over the exchange’s native options?

M.K.: That’s a fair question. We were among the first to develop trading automation, which exchanges later emulated and implemented. However, I firmly believe our bots still outperform exchange equivalents. For active traders across multiple platforms, toggling between different exchanges’ bots is highly inconvenient — having a unified bot solution via Bitsgap is far easier to manage. Moreover, as an independent company focused solely on trading automation, we have an entire team constantly optimizing and advancing our algorithms beyond what exchanges with wider priorities can match. Our bots are not only highly customizable, but continuously updated based on the latest innovations and market dynamics. In short, exchanges replicated our model, but couldn’t replicate the level of specialization, customization and advancement we provide as dedicated bot pioneers and experts. For the most effective, optimized and easy-to-use trading automation, Bitsgap still remains the top choice for both experienced and novice traders.

– How does Bitsgap ensure user data privacy and asset security on the platform?

M.K.: As traders ourselves, we understand concerns over platform safety. That’s why security has been our top priority from day one. Bitsgap goes above and beyond to safeguard funds and data, embedding cutting-edge protections into the platform’s foundation. We continually enhance security with new innovations and strictly limit employee access to user information. Among our many safety measures are encrypted API keys with no access to assets/data, one API key per account, countertrade protection, fingerprinting, OAuth, IP whitelisting, 2048-bit encryption, 2FA, and more. We take every precaution to provide an ultra-secure trading environment, allowing users to focus on trading with confidence. 

– What new products or features is Bitsgap planning to launch in the near future? Do you have any concrete plans lined up for 2024?

M.K.: We have several major items on our roadmap for 2024. First, our mobile app is slated for release in March. We’re also working on integrating additional futures exchanges like OKX, KuCoin and some more. An AI sentiment analysis tool is in development that traders can sign up to beta test before full launch. Additionally, we have many more innovative features in the works that I’m eager to share more on as they materialize. The team is continuously innovating to enhance our platform’s capabilities and advantages for traders worldwide. I encourage everyone to follow Bitsgap on social media, where we’ll provide ongoing updates on our progress and upcoming releases. 

– What is your perspective on the crypto market outlook post-halving?

M.K.: In my view, rising crypto prices are driving increased trader activity and greater reliance on automation tools like Bitsgap’s bots. Scalpers, in particular, are thriving in the current environment. Regarding the halving — I’m seeing mixed predictions, but some consistent behaviors. Traders, miners and investors seem to be accumulating Bitcoin to sell at the expected peak after halving. This suggests an imminent price drop right after the event.

However, I expect Bitcoin will rebound by year-end, settling around $60k-$65k. The pre-halving buildup may lift prices, but a correction is likely as participants take profits from the peak.