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Ethereum Client Releases Pruning Update After Vitalik Buterin Updated The Roadmap

Ethereum client Nimbus on Sunday said it has released an update to improve compatibility on the network and support for incremental pruning. Ethereum’s blockchain recent finality issues happened due to lack of full pruning measures.

Ethereum continues to evolve as per the Ethereum roadmap revealed by co-founder and developer Vitalik Buterin, clients will add required changes that improve the overall performance of Ethereum network.

Ethereum Client Nimbus Announces Pruning Related Update

Ethereum consensus layer client Nimbus released v23.5.1 update for validators clients and node operators on May 21. It’s a medium-urgency update that will improve compatibility with 3rd party validator clients and beacon nodes. Moreover, it introduces support for incremental pruning.

In simple words, Pruning is the process of erasing older data to save disk space. On May 11 and 12, Ethereum network suffered finality issues two times within 24hrs. Ethereum clients released critical updates to prevent the Beacon Chain nodes from high resource usage during turbulent times.

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Vitalik Buterin added pruning to the Ethereum Roadmap in 2022. He said Ethereum needs pruning for scalability, decentralization, and run nodes easily. Nodes doesn’t need to store vast data and drop older data to become sustainable. Pruning history also allows clients to remove code that processes historical blocks.

Pruning functions will be enabled by default in Ethereum client’s next updates. Nimbus validator client will no longer accepts under-specified beacon node URLs that doesn’t include a port number or a protocol scheme.

Moreover, the improvements in the new update includes history pruning is now incremental, use validator’s withdrawal address as default for fee recipient address, and support for the upcoming Capella hard-fork in the Gnosis network.

ETH price currently trades at $1814, moving in sideways trend in the last 24 hours. The 24-hour low and high are $1,812 and $1,829, respectively. The weekly price movement also remained sideways due to market uncertainty.