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XRP Lawsuit: Ripple, SEC Seeks Extension To Reveal Hinman Docs

XRP Lawsuit: Ripple Labs and other defendants bagged a major win against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in order to make Hinman speech related documents public. However, the latest court filings reveal that both parties need more time to reveal the controversial documents.

Hinman Docs Revelation Hits Another Delay

According to the court filings, U.S. SEC and Ripple have jointly requested a one-week extension on the date to file the infamous Hinman speech documents. It mentioned that in a joint request, the court is being asked to move the filing date to June 13th, 2023.

It highlighted that both parties have earlier requested the court and the judge ordered that the public and redacted versions of the materials needed to be filled in 21 days. However, parties seek an extension due to the “voluminous nature of the materials and redactions.”

The motion added that this is the first request to extend the deadline for filing these documents. However, in a similar request, earlier the court approved the timeline for the filing of public and redacted versions of the Daubert motions. Read More XRP Lawsuit News Here…

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This latest action taken by both parties implies that the industry will have to wait for another extra week to get access to the controversial Hinman speech documents.

Much talked about Hinman memos hold the documents and email conversations with led to the speech given out by then US SEC Director of Corporation Finance, Bill Hinman.