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Yield App and Volt join forces to facilitate crypto purchases

Yield App and Volt join forces to facilitate crypto purchases

DeFi platform Yield App forms strategic ties with emerging fintech firm Volt to enhance access and revolutionise crypto engagement.

Yield App has earned a reputation for providing innovative solutions that enable users to earn high returns on their digital assets through its user-friendly interface. By joining forces with Volt it is taking this vision further by democratising crypto accessibility. Combining the strengths of both companies will eliminate barriers and introduce innovative features.

Yield App and Volt are working towards their primary objective – making crypto investments more accessible to everyone across different walks of life. Their joint venture means Yield App customers will be able to instantly buy cryptocurrency through their bank, by way of Volt’s Open Banking solution that links with 1,800 banks across Europe.

Recognising the security concerns surrounding crypto investments, both companies have made a commitment to provide top notch security measures via Volt’s secure digital payment solutions expertise, to not only protect user funds but also instil confidence. 

Moreover the partnership will result in an array of innovative features aimed at improving user experience such as instant payment processing systems, multiple withdrawal options etc. 

The objective of the collaboration is centred around creating a sustainable investment environment where customers receive all-round support through education, security, and inclusivity. 

Through the partnership with Volt’s infrastructure, supporting Yield App’s operations across product offerings on various risk spectrums; users can choose what suits them best. In addition to the convenience of diversified options for customers’ investments comes education resources aimed at imparting financial literacy.

By working together in a manner that focuses entirely on empowering their customers through inclusion, security, and innovation – Yield App and Volt can help to redefine how individuals interact with digital assets. 

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