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Most played crypto game Axie Infinity hits App Store

Most played crypto game Axie Infinity hits App Store

Sky Mavis and Axie Infinity are taking steps toward regaining lost users.  The game is now available for download on the Apple App Store.

The latest iteration of their blockchain-powered ‘Axie Infinity: Origins, is now available for download on Apple’s App Store and promises players an engaging adventure filled with battles galore as well as rewards in NFT form. 

Roll out across Latin America and Southeast Asia

To ensure success upon its global launch, Sky Mavis has decided to debut ‘Axie Infinity: Origins’ in select countries across Latin America and Southeast Asia first. 

As reported by The Block, the Vietnamese studio plans to collect crucial user retention data before rolling it out globally. Countries included in the initial release are Argentina, Columbia, Peru, Mexico, Venezuela, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam —offering players from various regions the opportunity to step into the world of Axies. 

Sky Mavis collaborates with Apple

Collaboration between Sky Mavis and Apple has been an ongoing project for a year now with co-founder Jeffrey Zirlin optimistic about future developments that better align Apple’s policies with web3 companies’ needs. 

To enable easy integration with third-party marketplaces and allow in-app purchases for NFTs are paramount goals as per Zirlin, despite challenges arising from Apple’s restrictions on NFT-related transactions. Inspiration comes from bold steps taken by industry giants such as Epic Games that challenge similar constraints. 

‘Sky Infinity: Origins’ debut on the App Store is poised to drive significant growth particularly among iPhone users says Zirlin who points out that referrals play a crucial role in growing their user base; currently at 70%, sourced from friends and family circles respectively. Presence on the App Store remains an essential factor when it comes to expanding awareness of Sky Mavis within gaming communities. 

The most successful Web3 game

At present, ‘Axie Infinity: Origins’ leads as the most-played web3 game with over 1.5 million downloads based on Sky Mavis’s estimates. The pandemic brought about phenomenal success for Axie Infinity as it reached unprecedented heights within the world of web3 gaming. 

Thanks to its play-to-earn model, millions were introduced to this game generating an outstanding $4 billion in trading volume with Filipino players earning their livelihood through it. Sky Mavis’s visionary approach made Axie Infinity a renowned brand, catching mainstream interest and establishing new standards for web3 gaming and NFT collections.

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