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Zeebu Adds Four New Global Telecom Carriers to Its Network

Zeebu Adds Four New Global Telecom Carriers to Its Network

Blockchain-based settlement platform, Zeebu announces its collaboration with four global telecom carriers, BBT Voice Limited, Broadband Telecom Inc ., BridgeVoice Inc. and Novatel, d.o.o. to extend its solutions to millions of customers and enhance transactions globally in the telecom carrier industry. 

Zeebu, a blockchain settlements solution for global telecom carriers announced a strategic partnership with BBT Voice Limited, Broadband Telecom Inc., BridgeVoice Inc., and Slovenia’s Novatel this Monday. In the announcement, Zeebu will provide its end-to-end blockchain transactions settlement solution for the telecom partners with an aim to boost the speed, efficiency and trust for “hundreds of thousands of transactions annually” in the global telecom carrier industry. 

“The world of telecommunications is fast-paced and ever-changing. The power of blockchain technology lies not just in its ability to facilitate transactions but in its capacity to foster trust and transparency,” said Raj Brahmbhatt, Founder & CEO, Zeebu. “We are sure Zeebu’s partnerships with key telecom leaders will usher in a new era of innovation and growth.” 

The partnerships will further foster the development of B2B channels to ease transactions in the telecom carrier industry, creating lasting value and driving sustainable growth for all its partners. Since its launch, Zeebu has provided the global telecom carrier market with a unique loyalty and utility token that enhances cross-border transactions by reducing transactional costs and increasing trust using blockchain technology. 

In addition, Zeebu also provides solutions that tackle the challenges in the global telecom carrier industry including security threats, rising and complex costs between intermediaries, and remittance delays. Via its utility token, Zeebu allows global carriers to easily transact with one another, unlocking instant global transactions and leveraging enterprise-grade security to protect against cyber attacks and fraud.

“Telecommunications is an incredibly dynamic and rapidly evolving field, and keeping up with the latest technologies, trends, and customer demands can be challenging,” said Nakul Rege, Chief Growth Officer of Broadband Telecom Services, a globally recognized telecom carrier enabling billions of call minutes on its dedicated and globally accessible network. “Zeebu’s blockchain platform will drive innovation, expand our reach, and deliver exceptional customer value.”

One of the partners, BBT Voice’s CEO, Rahul Sharma, believes the partnership marks “a cornerstone moment”, with the partnership with Zeebu set to further improve its global voice and SMS carrier services. BBT Voice boasts offices around the world including UK, India, Armenia, and Ukraine and has over 400 smaller interconnections across the globe. 

“We are confident that with our combined strength, we will construct remarkable achievements in the blockchain industry,” Sharma added. “We are sure the platform will deliver on its promises of transparency and trust.”

BridgeVoice Inc, deals with retail and wholesale VoIP termination services, providing its users with a range of products including its novel Automated Carrier Platform for telecom operators, carriers and service providers and the “BridgeVoice Pluto”, an online trading and settlement of wholesale interconnect voice and SMS services platform. The partnership with Zeebu will accelerate the connection between wholesale businesses in the global telecom carrier industry, providing instant settlements anywhere in the world. 


As Bridge Voice, Chief Revenue Officer, Nickey Peshwani said during the announcement, 

“Zeebu is the first blockchain-powered telecom loyalty platform for wholesale voice business and will enable instant settlements anywhere in the world. With its secure, rewards-based payments ecosystem, we’re confident it’s going to boost margins for every industry player.”

Apart from speed and reducing costs, Zeebu leverages smart contracts and blockchain technology to enhance trustlessness and transparency for settlements across telecom carriers. Additionally, Zeebu utility tokens eliminate the need for conventional banking channels and intermediaries, making cross-border transactions fast and seamless.

Hence, Novatel, one of the leading mobile virtual network operators in Slovenia, will benefit greatly from the latest collaboration. The firm provides mobile and IP telephone internet to European enterprises and plans to build out and launch its own mobile network this summer. Speaking on the partnership with Zeebu, Novatel CEO Jernej Kenda said, 

“We can’t wait to get started with Zeebu. It will be a game-changer for settlements in the telecom carrier industry, with its powerful utility delivering tangible value for all network participants.”

Following the collaborations with some of the most significant players in the global telecom carrier industry, Zeebu aims to usher in a new era, introducing the power of blockchain technology to the industry. This will enhance the B2B settlements, offering more efficient, cost-effective operations and faster settlements. In future, Zeebu is planning to introduce its solutions to other B2B industries facing similar challenges, the team statement concludes. 

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