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Lost Worlds To Stage Geo-Located NFT Scavenger Hunts At NFT.NYC

Lost Worlds To Stage Geo-Located NFT Scavenger Hunts At NFT.NYC

Fans of non-fungible tokens are being invited by Lost Worlds to hunt for a number of unique digital tokens that will be dispersed around New York City during the NFT.NYC event that takes place from April 11-14. 

NFT.NYC is one of the biggest NFT conferences of the year, making it the perfect stage for Lost Worlds to introduce the LOST.NYC experience that aims to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds. 

LOST.NYC is similar in some ways to Pokemon Go, only instead of running around the city trying to catch random pokemon creatures, participants are tasked with searching for NFTs and minting them in real-world locations. It’s an experience that demands curiosity and a sense of adventure, as participants will have to set out on foot and explore various locations in the city to collect all of the geo-located NFTs available. 

By geo-fencing NFTs to physical locations, the LOST.NYC experience unlocks an exciting new way for users to interact with digital assets, which will provide access to a range of real-world events, token-gated merchandise and exclusive NFT drops at NFT.NYC. 

Lost Worlds has partnered with a number of NFT platforms and artists for LOST.NYC. For instance, the web3 lifestyle app STEPN will drop various geo-NFTs at popular running locations in Central Park. Participants will have the duration of the event to go to Central Park and collect them, with those who find them all being entitled to claim a badge and other exclusive NFTs on the MOOAR NFT platform. 

Meanwhile, DeGods and Y00Ts creator DeLabs is inviting attendees to participate in a multi-day DeNYC experience that includes a tour of five of New York’s most famous landmarks, where they’ll be able to hunt for NFT treasures and more than $100,000 worth of prizes. There will be 500 mintable NFTs at each location – Grand Central, Empire State Building, Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital, Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge – so it’ll be a race against time to collect them all before they’re gone! 

Another contest involves Chikn, a popular play-to-earn chicken farming game on the Avalanche blockchain. At NFT.NYC, it will introduce in-game assets as collectible, location-based NFTs. Fans of the game will be tasked with searching the city in order to collect “Loot Boks” NFTs that contain various mystery items that can be used within the game. 

Lost Worlds has also engaged with 23 of the world’s best-known NFT artists to launch geo-NFT collections during LOST.NYC, including names such as Anton Conolly, Cult Class, Derry Ainsworth and Gabe Weis. Those who find their geo-NFTs first will be in for some big prizes. For instance, the first to discover and mint Anton Conolly’s NFT will also be able to claim a 68” x 50” physical painting of the artwork it represents. 

There will be plenty of other scavenger hunts utilizing Lost World’s geo-NFT platform at NFT.NYC, with various prizes available including non-tradeable NFT badges that provide VIP access to exclusive side events and NFT drops taking place throughout the event.