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An eclectic display at the 2nd Metaverse Fashion Week


Inspired by success in 2022 and an impressive list of designers who attended that year’s Metaverse Fashion Week, Decentraland held another event this year from March 28–31. The week’s theme, “Future Heritage,” aimed to connect the next generation of creators with traditional fashion designers.

It’s the second time digital fashion’s core members — including Zero10, DressX and The Fabricant — have participated in MVFW, though the total number of brands declined. There were two shows worth noting: Dundas, which distinguished itself with beautiful avatars last year, and Adidas (OTC:ADDYY), which joined this year as a first-time participant. Decentraland and HBO also participated.

Dolce & Gabbana store at Metaverse Fashion Week. Source: ScreenMVFW.MVFW’s final DKNY party — which the author attended alone. Source: Screenshot of MVFW.Inna Kombarova is the founder of the popular fashion Telegram channel @Mamkina. In 2019, she quit her job as the head of the industrial sales department at a prominent climate company and started working full-time in fashion media.

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