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Tattooing Bitcoin: Advocates wear cryptocurrency on their sleeve


Got Bitcoin ink? Many Bitcoin believers do. But what are the risks? What about privacy? And what happens if — one fateful day — Bitcoin crashes and burns to zero?

Cointelegraph spoke with Bitcoin (BTC) advocates to understand why they have permanently etched a Bitcoin logo, motif, equation or slogan onto their skin. They’ve shown permanent solidarity with the decentralized movement, expressing their support for the Bitcoin protocol and the values it represents.

Taihuttu’s Bitcoin B tatto. Source Taihuttu.TatumTurnUp and Erik Dale have the Bitcoin supply formula on their skin. Source: Tatum

But what about OpSec?

Rikki and Laura’s tattoos. “Stack Sats” means save Bitcoin. Source: Rikki.Tatum interviewing guests in a security vest at Pacific Bitcoin 2022. Source: Tatum

But what if Bitcoin goes to zero?

Kesha’s dollar sign tattoo. Source:

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