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Crypto security audits and bug bounties are broken: Here’s how to fix them


Blockchain exploits can be extremely costly; with poorly designed smart contracts, decentralized apps and bridges are attacked time and time again.

For example, the Ronin Network experienced a $625-million breach in March 2022 when a hacker was able to steal private keys to generate fake withdrawals and transferred hundreds of millions out. The Nomad Bridge later that year in August experienced a $190-million breach when hackers exploited a bug in the protocol that allowed them to withdraw more funds than they had deposited.

Terra as envisaged by Cointelegraphs art department. They forgot to set the earth and moon on fire, however.CertiK has just released its new security scores, which it says are independent of any commercial relationship. (CertiK)White hat hackers find bugs before black hat hackers do. (Pexels) Read also Features Features Tendermint remote API crash from Padillacs desktop. (Pad on YouTube)White hat and black hat hackers sometimes play the same game. (Pexels) Read also Features Features Rather than outsource their security, projects need to take full responsibility themselves. (Pexels) Subscribe The most engaging reads in blockchain. Delivered once a week.

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