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Wakweli Partners With Polygon Labs To Offer NFT Certification

  • Polygon blockchain welcomes Wakweli’s certification platform.
  • The collaboration aims to certify tokenized assets and NFTs on the blockchain.
  • Wakweli recently raised $1.1 million in capital funding to boost developments and partnerships. 

Web 3 tokenized assets and non-fungible token (NFTs) certification protocol Wakweli announces partnership with Polygon Labs, the leading developer for Ethereum scaling solutions for Polygon protocols, to introduce certification and verification for NFTs on Polygon. The latest collaboration aims to bring authenticity and trust to Polygon, allowing the verification and certification of all tokenized assets on Polygon. 

Additionally, NFT creators and owners on the Polygon blockchain will be able to “request authenticity certificates for each of their assets”, the joint team statement reads. 

Launched in 2015, Wakweli has been developing certification solutions for the Web 3 ecosystem. The protocol is based on a decentralized consensus algorithm, proof-of-democracy (PoD) that depends on the community to verify and authenticate NFTs.  The infrastructure platform issues certificates of authenticity for NFTs and other tokenized assets to combat fraud in the growing web3 ecosystem.

By collaborating with Polygon, Wakweli aims to bring the certification of tokenized assets on the blockchain, given the recent leaps the Polygon NFT ecosystem has witnessed. 

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In addition, developers and NFT creators can also access advanced use cases on the Wakweli platform and APIs including automatic certification requests upon minting or accessing more precise certification data. The Wakweli team will also offer additional support for developers and NFT holders on securing their platforms even better as they look to revolutionize the wider NFT ecosystem and marketplaces. 

 To be verified and authenticated, NFT developers and project holders will need to submit a certification request and upon community verification via the PoD consensus algorithm, the NFT will receive a green tick mark. This symbol automatically appears beside the NFT and can be easily distinguishable on marketplaces, which boosts the trust and confidence of the buyers. 

The latest collaboration is a continuation of the development progress of Wakweli following the recent $1.1 million capital funding raise. This funding round welcomed several top crypto VCs and was led by Summit, an Ireland-incorporated cryptocurrency and blockchain firm.