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Meta scraps NFTs on Instagram and Facebook: Nifty Newsletter, March 8–14


Welcome to the latest edition of Cointelegraph’s Nifty Newsletter. Keep reading to stay up-to-date with the latest stories on nonfungible tokens. Every Wednesday, the Nifty Newsletter informs and inspires you to dig deeper into the latest NFT trends and insights.

In this week’s newsletter, read about why Meta decided to “wind down” its nonfungible token (NFT) tools on Instagram and Facebook (NASDAQ:META), and check out the metaverse greenhouse full of dynamic, “breedable” NFT flowers. Find out more about Binance NFT’s addition of Polygon network support to its marketplace and, last but not least, Nifty News highlights the new artificial intelligence (AI) tools that can bring security and transparency to the NFT market, and why German regulators are considering a case-by-case approach to NFTs.

Meta pulling the plug on NFTs on Instagram and Facebook

The metaverse is getting a greenhouse and garden full of NFT flowers

Binance NFT adds Polygon network support to its marketplace

German regulator BaFin suggests a ‘case-by-case’ approach for NFTs

AI-based tools bring security and transparency to the NFT market

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