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Elon Musk Hint – AI Token SingularityNET AGIX Rise: Crypto News

Elon Musk AI Crypto News: After recent news that Elon Musk was in talks with AI researchers, the crypto market is again taking subtle hints from the Tesla CEO’s latest tweet. Although the latest Elon Musk tweet could in reality be far from hinting about a certain crypto market, his affiliation with memecoin Dogecoin ($DOGE) adds fuel to the speculation. The AI token category had in the recent times rose to high prominence after the instant success of ChatGPT and the hype around artificial intelligence related products.

Artificial intelligence linked crypto tokens like The Graph (GRT), SingularityNET (AGIX), and (FET) have in the recent times gained massive value with the success of ChatGPT. Hence, the market felt cryptocurrencies working on AI based use cases could be bullish going forward.

Elon Musk AI Plans

In a recent statement, Musk said he used to be in crypto, but now got interested in AI. This led to speculation that AI crypto tokens could be of interest to him. Following this, Musk’s latest tweet attracted further speculation from the crypto market, although the hint is not entirely clear. He shared a picture that mentioned “In The Singularity,” leading to interest in the SingularityNET (AGIX) project.

This also led to a small spike in the price of AGIX token, with an hourly rise by around 1%. The SingularityNET project is also closely associated with the Cardano ecosystem. Read Here for more on SingularityNET Cardano Staking Portal Beta Launch. Despite the ongoing FUD in the crypto ecosystem around Silvergate, the AGIX token price rose by 11% in the last one week, compared to the 3% drop in Bitcoin price in the same period.