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DOOM Game Now Available On Bitcoin; Here’s How You Can Play

DOOM Game News: Users can now play an unofficial clone of the legendary 1993 first-person shooter Doom on the bitcoin blockchain. However, it is probably not what Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto had in mind. This is made possible by the Taproot upgrade and the contentious Ordinals project. Also, it allows users to store unique assets on it similar to NFTs.

The game, which was created by Nicholas Carlini, can be played with a keyboard and mouse. Also, it is identified as Inscription 466 on the Bitcoin blockchain. Although it is a crude imitation of the Doom game and lacks the bloody, pixelated impact of the groundbreaking original. however, it gives players a taste of what’s possible with Ordinals. Later, a revised version was engraved. It also adds a new level to the “It Runs Doom” meme, which is constantly growing and involves people trying to get the game. Over 94,000 Reddit users subscribe to a subreddit that is dedicated to the pursuit.

So does the Doom game run on Bitcoin?

The response is sort of, for now. Since content can be stored on Bitcoin’s decentralized, permissionless blockchain, it can serve as a kind of distinctive historical record. According to The Ordinal Theory Handbook, Bitcoin inscriptions, such as the Doom clone game, are preferable to NFTs. However, these are special blockchain tokens that denote ownership over associated metadata that is frequently stored off-chain in a centralized manner. Every inscription on Bitcoin through Ordinals is referred to as a “digital artifact.” However, because it is complete and decentralized in and of itself. Contrary to the majority of NFTs, whose metadata can be changed or even deleted by the creator, it cannot be changed.

Biggest Bitcoin Block to be minted

While the community mulls over the implications of adding NFTs to the oldest blockchain for the network. However, in the NFT ecosystem at large, Ordinals continue to sprinkle conversations among Bitcoiners.

Notably, the protocol just allowed for the mining of the largest Bitcoin block ever. This week, a high-definition “Taproot wizard” transaction with a 3.96MB transaction size, just shy of Bitcoin’s 4MB block size limit. Also, it was attached to a satoshi. The size of the DOOM Ordinal was only 31.2 KB.

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