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Cointelegraph Top 100 of 2023: Heroes and villains from 81-90 out now

Cointelegraph is releasing its 2023 Top 100 list in increments, with profiles 81 to 90 ready for viewing. Take a gander!

Cointelegraph Top 100 of 2023: Heroes and villains from 81-90 out now Own this piece of history

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On Feb. 8, Cointelegraph unveiled its list of the Top 100 most impactful players in the crypto industry for 2023. The list is being released in increments from the bottom up, starting by unveiling 10 names each weekday up until the final 10. On Feb. 9, entries 81 through 90 were revealed.


This batch of players features names such as entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, also known as Gary Vee; Coin Bureau, a media entity offering crypto education; and Do Kwon, the leader of the fallen Terra project. A motivational voice in the business world, Vaynerchuk made a splash in crypto with his work in the nonfungible token space. Coin Bureau gave viewers a notable amount of crypto-related content and news, and of course, Kwon sits on the list as a villain for his part in the collapse of the Terra ecosystem.

Numbers 81 through 90 include a number of new faces, such as Fluidefi co-founder Lisa Loud and Immunefi founder Mitchell Amador. While Kwon made the list last year, he has fallen from No. 18 to No. 83 on this year’s list. His leadership of the Terra project gained him his spot in 2022, while the project’s downfall and his response led to him still being included on the list this year — but for a completely different reason. His impact on the future of the crypto industry is likely to diminish in 2023 as the industry moves on from Terra’s painful collapse.

Cointelegraph’s Top 100 list includes the greatest heroes and the worst villains that most impacted the crypto and blockchain space in 2022, and that are expected to continue doing so in 2023. Each Top 100 entry features the influential figure’s bio, a recap of their 2022 and a look at what may be expected for 2023, as well as a few general data points. This is the fourth consecutive year Cointelegraph has released its Top 100, and for the first time ever, the community voted as part of the selection process.