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What is Bitsgap and why you should use trading bots right now

Bitsgap, an all-encompassing trading aggregator, has been serving over 600,000 users across 15 major exchanges since 2017. The platform has facilitated billions in trading volume, helping users generate more than $400 million in profits.

Originally conceived as a tool to connect traders with round-the-clock arbitrage opportunities in the crypto market, Bitsgap has since evolved into a comprehensive platform. It now offers a sophisticated trading terminal equipped with smart orders and technical analysis tools, along with both pre-set and fully customizable automated trading strategies. Bitsgap’s latest infrastructure developments include advanced bots for refined automation and cutting-edge AI assistance.

This article aims to provide an in-depth look at Bitsgap’s comprehensive suite of features. We’ll examine its robust trading terminal, manual trading options, and automated trading bots.

Bitsgap’s Smart Trading Terminal

As you’re likely aware, technical analysis is crucial for developing a successful trading strategy. It helps in identifying promising cryptocurrencies, forecasting market trends, and determining optimal entry and exit points for profitable trades.

The seamless integration of Bitsgap’s smart trading and automation features with TradingView’s advanced charting tools creates an ideal trading environment. This combination eliminates the need to switch between platforms, providing a unified interface that offers the best of both worlds.

The platform boasts an impressive charting interface. The top of the chart displays various chart types and indicators, while drawing tools are conveniently located on the left side. With nine different chart options available, ranging from traditional Bars to the more sophisticated Heikin Ashi, the platform caters to traders of all experience levels, including seasoned professionals.

Bitsgap has also developed a unique tool for technical analysis enthusiasts — the Technicals widget. Located at the bottom of the Trading tab interface, just below the Order book, this widget aggregates signals from numerous indicators and oscillators. Its functionality is reminiscent of the Fear and Greed index, combining and averaging signals from popular indicators to simplify the process of identifying promising trading opportunities.

This innovative widget eliminates the need to check each indicator individually. Traders can simply monitor the Technicals widget for signals or click on ‘More details’ to examine specific signals in depth.

Moreover, Bitsgap offers a range of advanced trading tools that are often absent from standard crypto exchanges. These include sophisticated order types such as Scaled orders and Time-Weighted Average Price (TWAP) orders, as well as specialized trading bots like GRID, Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA), and Buy the Dip (BTD). These features further enhance the platform’s capabilities, providing traders with a comprehensive suite of tools for optimizing their trading strategies.

Before we delve into Bitsgap’s automated trading bots, it’s worth examining the platform’s smart order types. These advanced order options form a crucial part of Bitsgap’s trading toolkit and deserve some explanation:

  • Stop Limit Orders: These allow traders to buy or sell assets at a specified price point or better, providing control over entry and exit positions.
  • Take Profit Orders: These automatically close a trade when a predetermined profit level is reached, helping to secure gains.
  • Stop Loss Orders: These protect traders by automatically closing a position if the market moves unfavorably, limiting potential losses.
  • Trailing Stop Orders: These dynamically adjust the stop level as the price moves in the trader’s favor, helping to lock in profits while still protecting against market reversals.
  • OCO (One Cancels Other) Orders: This feature allows traders to place a pair of orders with the understanding that if one is executed, the other is automatically cancelled. This can be useful for managing risk and capitalizing on market movements.

These smart order types provide traders with advanced tools to implement more sophisticated and risk-managed trading strategies.

Bitsgap also places a strong emphasis on user security, implementing a robust set of protective measures. This steadfast dedication to safeguarding users’ assets and data has contributed significantly to Bitsgap’s popularity among traders, especially when compared to other cryptocurrency trading platforms that have experienced security breaches. It’s worth noting that Bitsgap has maintained an unblemished security record, with no reported hacks since its launch.

The platform goes beyond basic security protocols, offering additional protective features such as countertrade protection and API locking. Furthermore, Bitsgap employs state-of-the-art encryption techniques for all API keys, adhering to the advanced security standards projected for 2024. This forward-thinking approach to security further reinforces Bitsgap’s commitment to providing a safe and reliable trading environment for its users.

The following section will provide an in-depth exploration of Bitsgap’s diverse range of trading bots, examining their features and functionalities in greater detail.

Bitsgap’s GRID Bot

Among the most widely adopted strategies in cryptocurrency trading, grid trading stands out for its methodical approach to capitalizing on market volatility. This technique involves strategically placing a series of buy and sell orders at predetermined price intervals, effectively creating a grid-like structure. As the asset’s price fluctuates within this grid, positions are automatically opened and closed, generating income from these price oscillations.

Bitsgap’s GRID bot takes this profitable strategy to the next level by fully automating the process, freeing traders from the need for constant manual oversight or emotionally-driven decisions.

The bot’s operation is straightforward yet powerful. Users simply input key parameters such as their investment amount and preferred price range. Once set up, the bot takes over, monitoring price movements within the specified bands. It autonomously executes trades, opening and closing positions to extract profits from the market’s back-and-forth movements. This hands-off approach eliminates the need for constant chart monitoring and position management, allowing traders to enjoy passive income generated from market volatility.

Bitsgap BTD Bot

Market drops can be daunting, yet they present valuable “buy low” opportunities. Bitsgap’s innovative bot leverages these scenarios by systematically arranging purchases to reduce your average acquisition cost as prices fall.

This approach involves gradually building positions during substantial market pullbacks. When assets become oversold, a rebound often follows. By autonomously executing trades during these dips, the bot refines your entry point without necessitating constant chart monitoring or impeccable timing. Users need only specify their chosen trading pair, preferred exchange, and investment size. The sophisticated algorithm then activates, orchestrating purchases and honing in on each advantageous price decrease.

Bitsgap’s DCA Bot 

The concept of dollar-cost averaging (DCA) aims to reduce the impact of market volatility by spreading investments over fixed intervals. Traditional DCA methods, however, often lack sophisticated features for adapting to market conditions or managing risk effectively.

Enter Bitsgap’s innovative DCA bot, which takes this investment strategy to new heights through intelligent automation. This advanced tool doesn’t just make regular cryptocurrency purchases or sales in predetermined amounts at set price points. It goes further by incorporating technical analysis and the ability to modify transaction volumes based on market dynamics. Additionally, the bot employs safeguards like profit-taking and loss-prevention mechanisms to protect your investments from unexpected price swings during active plans.

Ultimately, Bitsgap’s hands-off DCA automation offers a refined approach to cryptocurrency investing. By leveraging market indicators, flexible trade sizing, and built-in risk management features, this tool optimizes the execution of your dollar-cost averaging strategy.

Bitsgap DCA Futures Bot 

Bitsgap also has a cutting-edge futures-oriented bot that leverages dollar-cost averaging principles to optimize trading strategies. This innovative tool dynamically adjusts entry prices by automatically scaling positions, effectively mitigating market volatility impacts.

Unlike its spot market counterpart, this sophisticated bot incorporates margin dynamics and leverage considerations when executing trades. This feature ensures precise position sizing relative to the allocated collateral, regardless of trade direction.

The bot’s averaging mechanism aims to minimize losses by enhancing overall entry prices, even during challenging market conditions. As markets stabilize and recover, the improved average cost position can potentially amplify gains.

Operating in continuous cycles, the bot executes entries, averages positions, and exits at predetermined profit targets or stop-loss levels. This dynamic approach allows for flexible strategy implementation. Furthermore, the utilization of leverage can significantly boost position sizes and profit potential beyond the initial capital investment.

Bitsgap COMBO Bot 

The COMBO bot represents a groundbreaking fusion of leading cryptocurrency trading strategies, creating a powerful unified algorithm for futures markets. By seamlessly blending grid trading with dollar-cost averaging (DCA), this innovative tool maximizes the benefits of both approaches.

At its core, the bot employs a dynamic grid system that actively responds to market fluctuations, strategically placing orders to capture profits from price volatility. Simultaneously, it implements a structured DCA component, methodically smoothing entry costs over time. The integration of trailing stop-loss mechanisms further enhances the bot’s adaptability, allowing it to fine-tune its positions as market conditions evolve.

This remarkable flexibility enables the COMBO bot to effectively navigate trends in any direction, continuously adjusting its grid levels and DCA zones to align with real-time market movements. In the event of a trend reversal, the system demonstrates agility in repositioning while safeguarding accumulated gains.

By harmonizing these complementary strategies, Bitsgap’s COMBO bot offers margin traders an unparalleled automated solution. This sophisticated technology manages the ongoing optimization of trading signals and risk parameters, empowering users to confidently delegate their trading execution across diverse market conditions.

AI Assistant

Bitsgap’s latest innovation introduces an AI-powered assistant, designed to enhance users’ crypto investment strategies. This intelligent tool analyzes individual investment capacities and current market trends to offer tailored bot recommendations, adhering to portfolio diversification principles.

The AI assistant proves particularly valuable for newcomers navigating the complex crypto landscape, while also benefiting seasoned traders who might overlook lucrative opportunities within their means. Instead of generic advice, this advanced system generates personalized guidance based on a user’s specific financial situation and risk appetite.

By evaluating multiple factors such as asset holdings, optimal entry points, profit objectives, and risk management, the AI assistant emulates an expert analyst. It guides users towards the most suitable bot selections and configurations, optimizing their unique investment profiles and potentially maximizing returns in the volatile crypto market.


In summary, Bitsgap offers a comprehensive suite of advanced tools designed to enhance cryptocurrency trading strategies. The platform’s automated features provide traders with improved oversight and accuracy, freeing them from time-consuming manual tasks and allowing for more strategic decision-making. As the crypto market evolves, it’s crucial for platforms to not only draw in new traders but also provide them with the necessary resources to develop expertise. Bitsgap achieves this balance by offering an accessible yet sophisticated platform that encourages both user acquisition and skill development, positioning itself at the forefront of the ever-changing crypto trading landscape.