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Tornado Cash attacker to potentially give back governance control, proposal reveals

An attacker who sparked community-wide panic by hijacking the Tornado Cash governance is now proposing to undo their hack — and while not everyone feels the hacker can be trusted, they apparently have little choice in the matter.

On May 21, the passage of a malicious proposal allowed the attacker to gain complete control over Tornado Cash’s governance. With total control over the governance of the decentralized crypto mixer, the attacker was in a position to inflict massive losses, considering they could withdraw all of the locked votes, drain all of the tokens in the governance contract and brick the router.

A Tornado Cash community member’s proposal for gaining control from the attacker. Source: Tornado Cash forumsThe Tornado Cash attacker’s proposal. Source: Tornado Cash forumsMr. Tornadosaurus Hex confirmed the slot matching. Source: Tornado Cash forumsGraph showing hacks and exploits from Q1 2022 – Q1 2023. Source: TRM Labs

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