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Ethereum Shapella upgrade: Community celebrates as update goes live on mainnet

Members of the Ethereum community responded to the latest upgrades that happened on the Ethereum mainnet.

Ethereum Shapella upgrade: Community celebrates as update goes live on mainnet Own this piece of history

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The much-awaited Shapella update on Ethereum has gone live, paving the way for new features such as the unstaking of Ether (ETH). Members of the community celebrated with various responses to the newest update in the Ethereum ecosystem. 

Shapella is a term used by the community that blends together “Shanghai” and “Capella,” the upgrades that happened simultaneously. The hard fork is an important milestone on Ethereum’s roadmap, leaving a lot of community members excited for the network’s future.

Many members of the community offered their congratulations to the developers of the network. Ethereum Foundation researcher Danny Ryan said that while proof-of-stake (PoS) took a bit of time, the loop was finally complete.

At the Shapella watch party hosted by the Ethereum Foundation team, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin said that the network is now in a “really good place.” He explained that:

Meanwhile, crypto singer Jonathan Mann celebrated the new update with another song performance at the Shapella watch party. 

While some celebrated the present, others decided to look forward to the network’s future. Ethereum community member Anthony Sassano reminded the community that the next major feature will be EIP-4844, which aims to enhance the scalability of rollups on Ethereum. 

Meanwhile, blockchain analytics firm Glassnode expects that even though the Shapella update will unlock staked ETH, less than 1% are planning to sell. The analytics company said that only 253 validators have signed up to exit. Apart from this, there are also mechanisms in place to prevent a massive flood of ETH supply from being dumped in the markets at the same time.

One of the expected effects of the Shapella update is the onboarding of more institutional investors into Ethereum. Freddy Zwanzger, Ethereum ecosystem lead at Blockdaemon, foresees that there may be more interest in ETH staking opportunities from larger investors since there’s a clear withdrawal option in place now.