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CoFund tokenizes $10M hotel in Bali via Tokeny

The minimum purchase amount for the hotel’s tokenized ownership is $1,000.

CoFund tokenizes $10M hotel in Bali via Tokeny Own this piece of history

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Tokenization infrastructure provider Tokeny has partnered with Ethereum real-estate tokenization marketplace CoFund, according to an April 11 announcement, in a collaboration that will enable CoFund to issue regulatory-compliant ERC-3643 security tokens on the Polygon (MATIC) network to tokenize a $10 million hotel in the Indonesian island resort of Bali. 

According to Tokeny, investors can own a piece of the hotel starting with a minimum investment of $1,000. Luc Falempin, CEO of Tokeny, commented:

Giri Kayogiswara, CEO of CoFund, added:

Tokeny’s infrastructure allows issuers to access fully auditable and immutable capitalization tables of securitized tokens directly on the blockchain. It also supports real-time distribution and transfer of tokens to investors.

On Feb. 22, Tokeny facilitated the launch of a tokenized venture capital fund created by the Spanish business podcast Emprendeduros. Investors could participate in the private equity placements with a minimum purchase of 500 euros ($545). Digital fund shares will then be deposited to investors’ digital wallets, with the entire process being digital. Last January, Tokeny received a 5 million euro ($5.45 million) investment led by Inveniam, Apex and K20 Fund. The company is currently headquartered in Luxembourg.