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Sweat Economy Will Pay $24,000 Annually To A Lucky Winner

  • Move-to-earn platform Sweat Economy announces new “company position”, Chief Walking Officer.
  • The position will be offered to a lucky winner in a prize draw on April 17. 
  • All Sweat Wallet mobile app users are eligible for the competition. 

Sweat Economy, a Web 3 app carved from the Sweatcoin app, announced a new initiative aiming to reward one lucky user with a ‘Chief Walking Officer’ job that comes with a $24,000 annual salary. The initiative aims to promote Sweat Economy and push its mission to make the world more physically active. 

The initiative welcomes all Sweat Wallet mobile app users to register for a prized draw from April 3, 2023, to April 16, 2023, for an opportunity to become the first Chief Walking Officer at the company. To enter the competition, users can opt into the prize draw with 25 $SWEAT tokens and 1 $SWEAT as a fee. The Chief Walking Officer will be selected from the entries, with the lucky winner receiving a 2,000 $USDT monthly salary for 12 months. 

The job of the Chief Walking Officer will be to walk at least 5,000 steps a day. Notwithstanding, the winner must “keep up that average over the next 12 months”, which makes them Sweat Economy’s Chief Walking Officer. 

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Since launching the Web 3 app and completing its token generation event last September, Sweat Economy has welcomed millions of ‘walkers’ to its community. The platform incentivizes users with the goal of promoting a positive feedback loop for their physical and mental health. The latest reward furthers this goal, incentivizing users to walk every day, with a chance to win a guaranteed full-year salary, which is comparable “to a full-time income in most countries”.

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Once the entry period expires,  the team will conduct a randomized prize draw on a live stream that will be broadcasted on Sweat Economy’s social media pages on April 17, 2023, to announce the winner. 

Finally, the platform aims to expand its decentralized finance ecosystem by adding further rewards to staking, introducing decentralized governance and voting, integrating a decentralized crypto exchange, and developing the multi-token and multi-chain wallet interface.