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Binance CEO CZ Calls For Unity In Crypto Industry Amid FUD

Binance News: Crypto exchange Binance witnessed FUD around rumors that CEO CZ received a red notice from Interpol. This led to a drop in the BNB Coin price although the rumor was later denied. CZ said the rumor was spread using a photoshopped image of the alleged notice. Meanwhile, in line with his message of ‘ignore FUD’, he said the crypto industry needs to be united to fight the rumors.

Binance CEO Calls For Unity

The FUD around Interpol notice to the Binance CEO started when an encrypted message was decoded as saying ‘Interpol Red Warning for CZ’. The message, decoded with the SHA-256 hash algorithm, was originally posted in Cobie’s tweet. CZ denied the claims saying the purported red notice was being spread using a photoshopped image. He also doubted if the rumor was planted by another crypto exchange.

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At one point, the BNB price saw a 3% drop owing the FUD around the Interpol speculation. Further volatility would have been fatal to the crypto market considering the dominance of Binance in terms of the crypto exchange market share. CZ said speculations like these hurt the industry and even those who planted the rumor. He added that the industry was already facing major concerns in the form of regulatory scrutiny.

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Meanwhile, the Bitcoin price is trading steadily around the $28,000 mark despite some FUD with Binance speculation.