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Cardano Whales Accumulate In Large Quantity, Will ADA Rally?

Among the top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap, Cardano’s native crypto ADA has shown some price swings recently. Since the beginning of 2023, ADA has gained more than 50% and is currently trading at $0.3778 with a market cap of $13.1 billion.

However, Cardano (ADA) has been facing strong resistance at $0.40 levels in recent times. Citing data from IntoTheBlock, popular crypto analyst Ali Martinez explains that Cardano whales holding anywhere between 1 million to 10 million, have purchased a massive 150 million ADA coins worth $57 million over the last month.

Furthermore, Ali Martinez explains that there’s a strong sell wall in the price range between $0.40-$0.42. “A colossal 3.85 billion $ADA sell wall stands between $0.40 & $0.42!  Slicing through this barrier may spark a bull rally for #ADA, as it faces minimal resistance ahead,” he wrote. 

Connecting Cardano to EVM Contracts

As per the latest development, Cardano blockchain and wallet users will soon be able to gain access to EVM smart contracts. Milkomeda, a network connecting other blockchain platforms to EVM contracts made the announcement last week. Sebastien Guillemot, CEO of Milkomeda wrote:

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Sebastian further added that the Cardano blockchain will also be the largest EVM chain with the staking rewards fully operational.

An Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is basically a place wherein all Ethereum accounts and smart contracts live. It is basically a virtual computer wherein developers can create their own decentralized applications (dApps).

This new feature will allow Ethereum application developers to build on top of the Cardano blockchain using the programming language Solidity, without any need need to install new toolkits.