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Microsoft Crypto Wallet Feature In Upcoming Edge Browser Update

While integrating ChatGPT on Bing is already a thing, Microsoft is reportedly working on integrating crypto market enthusiasts into its fold with an upcoming product. The tech giant is said to be working on a non-custodial crypto wallet for its Microsoft Edge browser. It will be a built-in Ethereum wallet, according to some leaked screenshots of user interface from the upcoming product. More interestingly, the crypto wallet will be accessible on the browser without the need for downloading an extension.

In-Built Crypto Wallet In Edge

The upcoming feature, which allows crypto and NFT access, describes itself as a wallet that provides simplified experiences that make Web 3.0 experiences easier to interact with. The wallet’s intro page shows the following message before setting up an account for the Edge wallet:

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The wallet feature also allows users to browse various marketplaces to find non fungible tokens (NFTs). Hence, with Microsoft already pushing its artificial intelligence venture with ChatGPT aggressively, combining the technology with crypto could likely unlock new opportunities.

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