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Cardano (ADA) Dev Working Groups to ‘Empower’ the Community


  • Developer numbers on the Cardano network have been soaring.
  • IOG is inviting more developers to join working groups to further development on Cardano.
  • The Working Groups are divided according to specific topics of discussion and expertise.

Developer numbers on the Cardano network have been soaring since the beginning of February 2023.

Input Output Global (IOG), the blockchain technology firm responsible for the development of Cardano (ADA), has invited more community members to join several developer Working Groups to catapult the ecosystem.

According to IOG, the goal is to self-mobilize the community to collaborate on decision-making processes with the combined expertise of the members. The Working Groups will bring together a group of committed community members around specific topics, such as developer experience, certifications, interoperability, and stablecoins.

In another developer-focused event, the network launched its SECP upgrade on Valentine’s day to increase interoperability and secure cross-chain dApp development. The new Working Group initiative serves as another testament of Cardano’s community-centric approach.

Driving Innovation

IOG further revealed that interested community members could join their preferred type of Working Group by choosing from the four current pools of developers.

  • The Developer experience Working Group will be identifying problems and pain points faced by decentralized application (dApp) developers on Cardano and help triage improvement areas that will serve the broader ecosystem.
  • The Certifications Working Group will work on making the dApp ecosystem more sustainable by promoting the benefits of certification across Cardano and the wider industry and creating best practices and “standards in certification and auditing processes.”
  • The Interoperability Working Group will be supporting the development of cross-chain decentralized bridges between Cardano and other chains.
  • The Stablecoins Working Group will be combining the best practices and expertise to support the implementation of stablecoins on Cardano to address cryptocurrency volatility.
  • The admission of Cardano community members into the Working Groups will reportedly depend on approval from existing members and the applicant’s qualifications, in alignment with the goal of fostering collaboration and driving innovation within the Cardano community.

    Developer numbers and whale activity on Cardano have been increasing throughout February. The price of ADA has recently surged, trading at $0.40 USD at the time of writing, a 23.70% increase from its one-month low of $0.32 on January 19th.

    On the Flipside

    • The decision to create more Working Groups will depend on the community’s willingness to mobilize.
    • The price of ADA has seldomly reflected positive sentiment following major developments in the ecosystem.

    Why You Should Care

    By empowering and mobilizing its community, IOG is fostering a culture of innovation within the Cardano network. By progressing such principles of decentralization, Cardano could inspire market sentiment to boost its current #8 ranking by market capitalization.

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