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Blur Surpassed OpenSea in Daily NFT Trading Volume Wednesday, Nansen Shows

NFT marketplace OpenSea’s dominance in the NFT ecosystem faces a growing challenge from Blur’s rapid ascent.

On Wednesday, Feb. 15, non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Blur overtook OpenSea in daily Ethereum trading volume for the first time, according to data analytics platform This surge follows Blur’s release of a native token the day before, a move that has helped push the competition between the two NFT marketplaces to a new level.

The trading volume on Blur’s marketplace stood at 6,602 ether (ETH) Wednesday, while OpenSea’s trading volume stood at 5,649 ETH.

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Blur’s surge in daily trading volume also followed a blog post from Blur recommending creators block NFT listings on OpenSea as a means of collecting full royalties on Blur’s zero-fee marketplace. Currently, conflicting rules bar artists from simultaneously earning royalties on OpenSea and Blur.

OpenSea still the top dog

Despite having a higher daily trading volume than OpenSea as of Wednesday, Blur has yet to surpass OpenSea on a weekly basis.

OpenSea’s trading volume per week has always been several times higher than Blur’s trading volume. In the most recent week, OpenSea’s weekly volume stood at 36,608 ETH, while Blur’s weekly volume sat at 11,424 ETH, per Nansen.

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Another important metric to note is the number of sales and wallets on OpenSea is still greater than on Blur.

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From Feb. 7 to Feb. 14, the number of sales on OpenSea was, on average, 8.37 times larger than the number of sales on Blur, while the number of wallets on OpenSea was roughly eight times greater than the number of wallets on Blur.

The gap between OpenSea and Blur in terms of number of sales and wallets has been closing and was at its smallest as of Wednesday. That day the number of sales on OpenSea stood at 19,908, 1.63 times greater than Blur’s total number of sales, 12,185.

When looking at the number of wallets active on the two marketplaces, an analogous trend arises: The number of wallets interacting with OpenSea is now only twice as great as those interacting with Blur, showing how the race between the first- and second-largest marketplaces is tightening.

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